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  • Nitro MAX 4-Nozzle Pack


    Nitro MAX 4-Nozzle Pack , for 1.75 mm filaments

    Mounts on Volcano block, Threaded in M6

    This pack contains the 4 diameters : 0.40 mm, 0.60 mm, 0.80 mm and 1 mm

    Strong points :

    • Nickel coated nozzle, hard as tempered steel ( 63 Hrc).
    • Very strong resistance to wear (+6 Kg of carbon filaments, glass fibers...)
    • Machined and processed in France.
    • PTFE Liner offered in "Capricorn XS" quality for any purchase of Nitro MAX nozzle !!! (60 mm)

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  • Alu BMG/Titan adapter (MagnetMK10)


    Aluminum adapter to mount the MagnetMK10 (G1/8-M10 version) on a Bondtech, Titan and clone extruder.

    ATTENTION, only the aluminium part is sold (presentation pictures).

  • MiniXtruder


    MiniXtruder Direct Drive

    Compact, lightweight and powerful

    Fits all 20x20 mm V-Slot printers.

    Available in 4 versions:

    WITHOUT printed parts (STL files available in "Attachments" tab) 

    WITH printed parts (Delivered with printed parts in Carbon Filament)

    PACK 12 Volt (Complete with Turbine 4020S & Fan 30x30)

    24 Volt PACK (Complete with 4020S Turbine & 30x30 mm Fan)

    See the "Description" tab for all product details. 

    STL files in the "Attachments" tab

    MiniXtruder assembly guide In "Documentation" tab

  • Volcano heater block Copper plated Nickel


    Volcano heater block

    Material: Copper plated Nickel

    Dimensions: Height: 20 mm, Width: 11.5 mm, Length: 24 mm

    High quality machining

    Improves the temperature resistance 

    Sold with blue silicone protection.

    Available in Pack with NitroMAX 0.40mm nozzle >>Pack Volcano Max

  • Silicone protection Volcano


    Silicone protection for Volcano heater.

    Internal dimensions: Height: 20 mm, Width: 11.5 mm, Length : 24 mm

  • Extrusion sprockets BMG


    Extrusion sprockets for Bondtech (BMG) extruder or clone.

    Made of hardened steel, CNC machined.

    Perfect grip of the filament

    Bore 5mm, for 1.75 mm filaments


    • 1 x Sprocket with M3 screw
    • 1 x Lever gear
    • 1 x Hex key 1.5 mm
  • AiO V2 silicone protection


    AiO V2 silicone protection, protects and insulates your heating element.

    Resistant to +350°C, beyond that a fiberglass protection is required.

  • Capricorn XS - 3.00 x 2.00 mm


    The Heatbreak PTFE tubing you've been looking for!

    This 3.00 x 2.00 mm thermal break tubing is made of the same high performance material as the XS series Bowden tubing, but is sized for heatbreak.

    A PTFE heat break jacket was a frequently requested item by fans of the XS Bowden tube, so it was put into production.

    Sent out and tested worldwide, the feedback was excellent. It is now one of our most popular items!

    An average thermal cut requires about 30 mm of tube or less. Sold in 30 cm length, which is enough to make 10 heatbreaks.

    Heatbreak NOT PROVIDED

  • Artillery Quick Tool Change (QTC)


    Magnetic system for quick tool change.

    A magnetic support on the printer side and a tool support (extruder, laser, etc.) can be removed from the printer in 2 seconds.

    This accessory allows :

    • Facilitate considerably the maintenance of the extruder (Cleaning nozzle, change probe, cartridge, etc...)
    • Quickly switch to another extruder already pre-equipped with another nozzle diameter (0.6/0.8/1 mm ....) 
    • Make your printer versatile (Laser, Plotter, Vinyl cutter, etc.)

    Compatible with Artillery printers (Sidewinder X1, X2, Genius, Genius PRO)

    Compatible with our products:

    MiniXtruder Artillery

    Laser LU2-10A

    Artillery Original Extruder + Nitromax nozzle (choice of nozzle)

  • Heatbreak Titanium AiO V2


    Heatbreak Titanium AiO V2

    Aerospace grade alloy TA6V - Grade 5

    Very low thermal conductivity (6.7), 2.5 times less than a conventional stainless steel heatbreak ( 16.3)

    Reduces the heat exchange between the heating element and the heat sink

    Reduces considerably the possible jamming of filament on Hotend Full Metal