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  • Heatbreak CR10S_PRO/MAX M6


    Heatbreak M6 0.75mm x M6 1.00mm

    Allows mounting of standard M6 heatpacks and nozzles on CR10SPRO/MAX/V2 printers

    Compatible with our AiO V2 heater block and Nitro nozzles.

    Available in 3 versions (Alone, with AiO V2 heater, with standard heater)

  • Heatbreak Titanium AiO V2


    Heatbreak Titanium AiO V2

    Aerospace grade alloy TA6V - Grade 5

    Very low thermal conductivity (6.7), 2.5 times less than a conventional stainless steel heatbreak ( 16.3)

    Reduces the heat exchange between the heating element and the heat sink

    Reduces considerably the possible jamming of filament on Hotend Full Metal