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  • Artillery Quick Tool Change (QTC)


    Magnetic system for quick tool change.

    A magnetic support on the printer side and a tool support (extruder, laser, etc.) can be removed from the printer in 2 seconds.

    This accessory allows :

    • Facilitate considerably the maintenance of the extruder (Cleaning nozzle, change probe, cartridge, etc...)
    • Quickly switch to another extruder already pre-equipped with another nozzle diameter (0.6/0.8/1 mm ....) 
    • Make your printer versatile (Laser, Plotter, Vinyl cutter, etc.)

    Compatible with Artillery printers (Sidewinder X1, X2, Genius, Genius PRO)

    Compatible with our products:

    MiniXtruder Artillery

    Laser LU2-10A

    Artillery Original Extruder + Nitromax nozzle (choice of nozzle)

  • Auto Leveling sensor "Touch-MI"


    The " Touch-MI " is an autoleveling sensor.

    It allows you to measure the flatness defects of your printing surface in order to correct them and have a perfect first layer.

    Only 3 very simple steps:

    • Installation on the printer.
    • Firmware settings.
    • Setting the Z Offset 

    This sensor can be initialized manually or automatically (with activation module).

  • Magnet_MK10 V2


    The Magnet_MK10 allows to connect your extruder to the hotend in bowden mode.

    Screwed on extruder side and magnet on hotend side.

    System improved & guaranteed for 2 years on our hotends.

    The solution to the problems of broken pneufits, gnawed PTFE tube, mechanical play, missed prints .....

    Mounting on most Chinese printers (Cr10, Ender, Tevo, Alfawise,biquB1 etc ...) and hotend clone E3D

  • Tube Capricorn XS 1.9x4mm


     PTFE Tube

    Inner Diameter : 2 mm
    External Diameter  : 4 mm

    Use for deported extrudeur  (Bowden)

    Sold by the meter.

  • Dual Guard Sensor


    Our Dual Guard Sensor allows you to pause your printer in the event of :

    • Filament is exhausted
    • Filament blocked (overlapping) in your spool (For spool on the top of the Z axis only)

    Very simple operating principle by mechanical endstop and neodymium magnets.

    The "Pin 27 Board" is required for the original Ender3, Ender3_PRO, Cr10, etc... (Board with ATmega 1284p, Creality 1.1.4,1.1.5,etc..), it allows to free the pin 27 to connect the sensor.

    For 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 Creality cards, the PIN27BOARD is not necessary, connect the sensor on the dedicated pin.

    Available in 4 options:

    1. Only the parts, you print the STL provided (See tab "attached documents")
    2. Only the parts + Pin 27 Board, you print the STL provided (See tab "attached documents")
    3. Assembled sensor + fixing part.
    4. Assembled sensor + Pin 27 Board + fixing part.

    See "Documentation" tab for complete installation.

    STL files in tab "Documents attached" (bottom of pages).

  • Magnet-FIT


    Magnet-FIT, the fast and long-lasting connectivity for your hotend.

  • Pin 27 board


    Adapter card to retrieve Pin 27 from original Creality Ender3/Ender3PRO, CR10, Cr10 Mini, Ender5 ....

    Connects to the IDC pin of your card, connect your BL Touch, filament sensor or any other accessory requiring a control PIN

    ATTENTION, for cards without bootloader also provide a USBasp when you buy (Ender3/Ender3PRO, CR10, Cr10 Mini, Ender5)

    Incompatible on AnetA8 & CR-8

  • PTFE Tube 2/4 mm


     PTFE Tube

    Inner Diameter : 2 mm
    External Diameter  : 4 mm

    Use for deported extrudeur  (Bowden)

    Sold by the meter.

  • Extrusion sprockets BMG


    Extrusion sprockets for Bondtech (BMG) extruder or clone.

    Made of hardened steel, CNC machined.

    Perfect grip of the filament

    Bore 5mm, for 1.75 mm filaments


    • 1 x Sprocket with M3 screw
    • 1 x Lever gear
    • 1 x Hex key 1.5 mm
  • Watercooling block H²O


    Liquid cooling block for hotends.

    Developed and optimized for 3D printing.

    Supplied with hoses and biocide liquid.

  • MK8 Aluminium adaptater


    Economical and durable accessory to mount your original MK8 hotend on direct drive extruders (bondtech, MiniXyruder, etc...)

    The direct drive mounting allows to facilitate the extrusion of TPU filaments, flexible, etc..., to reduce the shrinkage, improves the quality of your prints.

    Machined in Aluminium, 100% French product.

    Delivered with PTFE tube 2x4 mm