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Magnet_MK10 V2


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The Magnet_MK10 allows to connect your extruder to the hotend in bowden mode.

Screwed on extruder side and magnet on hotend side.

System improved & guaranteed for 2 years on our hotends.

The solution to the problems of broken pneufits, gnawed PTFE tube, mechanical play, missed prints .....

Mounting on most Chinese printers (Cr10, Ender, Tevo, Alfawise,biquB1 etc ...) and hotend clone E3D


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Composition du kit :

  • 1 x PTFE tube 2 x 4mm or Capricorn XS 1.9 x 4mm (length 32, 45, 65 or 100 cm) with M6-G1/8 threaded brass insert on the extruder side and a magnet.
  • 1 x 65 mm PTFE or Capricorn XS tube (inside hotend) 
  • 1 x knurled and threaded steel subbase in G1/8 ( M10)
  • 4 x  M3 washers (depending on printer)

For printers with Titan & Bondtech extruder, a STL is supplied (see "Attached documents" tab).

Caution, the Neodymium magnet cannot withstand an ambient temperature of +85°C .

1 - How to choose your MagnetMK10 ?

2 - Mounting (Example on Creality Cr10):

Remove the connection of your extruder as well as your hotend.Dismantle your hotend and clean it.
Use the 65 mm PTFE or Capricorn XS tip (included in the kit).
Push the PTFE or Capricorn XS tube into the stop.
If you do this operation with the hotend mounted, it is best to heat the hotend so that the tube is in contact
with the nozzle.
Screw the knurled piece onto the hotend and tighten it manually.

Very important step !

Using a cutter, gradually cut the PTFE tube all the way round.

Do not cut it all at once, so that the cut is perpendicular and flush with the workpiece.

Put 4 washers on the 2 fixing screws of the hotend.

Fix your hotend on the X trolley.

Check that the knurled piece is not in contact with the right hand screw of the trolley.
To check this, unscrew/re-screw the knurled piece.

Take the PTFE tube from our kit and screw the M6 or G1/8 brass fitting onto your extruder.

CAUTION, tighten slightly or the part will break.

A STL is provided at the bottom of the page for Titan & Bondtech extruders to screw
the brass part (see photo in the product description)

Insert a filament into your extruder and pull it out of the PTFE tube.
Insert the filament into the hotend to center the assembly.

Come and put the magnet in contact with the hotend.

You have just finished assembling the "Magnet MK10" !!

Tip :

To disconnect the magnet, remove the filament from the hotend and slide the magnet to the right or left.


Data sheet

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Reviews about this product

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  • Stéphane P.
    Published 14/03/2023 à 21:28 (Order date: 26/02/2023)

    Très bon produit.

  • Alexandre S.
    Published 31/01/2023 à 18:56 (Order date: 11/01/2023)

    Le top du top (en tout cas pour le moment). Je n'ai pas trouvé de meilleure solution pour éviter de devoir changer régulièrement mon PTFE rongé pour les pneufits standard. Je n'ai plus aucun jeu lors de mes rétraction. Et le fait de pouvoir changer le tube grâce au taraudage présent sur l'aimant est juste parfait. Félicitation pour cette idée et ce concept de connexion juste géniale !

  • Damien L.
    Published 27/01/2023 à 23:34 (Order date: 05/01/2023)


  • Johann G.
    Published 19/01/2023 à 20:54 (Order date: 30/12/2022)

    Parfait pour ma CR10S Pro

  • Eddy D.
    Published 24/12/2022 à 04:21 (Order date: 07/12/2022)

    Hupgrade indispensable correspond ant parfaitement à ma machine . Installation simple.

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